Expert Dog Trainer, Kathy Santo, Reveals...
... And Why Other Traditional Training Methods
Fail So Often With Dog Owners And Their Canines!
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Every Single Day, Dog Owners Come To Me Frustrated Because Their Dog Doesn't Listen.
It's possible you're unintentionally giving him commands he knows he should NOT respond to, because you're going to come up with a better offer.
(A dog treat, his favorite toy, a ride in the car...)
If This Sounds Like You And Your Dog's Relationship...
This Is NOT Your Fault.
I Can Help You Fix This Right Away!
Last week, a new student told me her dog was intentionally trying to spite her by not listening, even though “he knows what he’s supposed to do”.
She’d read some dog training books, and had gone through a few rounds of training at a big box pet store, and felt she’d done everything right.
She tried five times to get her dog to come, but was unsuccessful.
She was mad, embarrassed, frustrated, and said the words I hear every day....
This isn’t what I thought owning a dog was going to be like”.
The good news is by the end of our quick 30 minute session, she not only had a completely new way of getting him to come when she called, but she ALSO had a workable plan to re-teach him the other commands so he would do them reliably and happily!
And even though I’m helping hundreds of dog owners every week at my school, I wanted to reach more people and their dogs. 
I put together a simple to follow course for those who want to do it right,
Even If You Feel Like Your Dog Is A Lost Cause.
Have you ever considered...
Every time you’re holding the leash, your dog is LEARNING
And the methods out there today aren’t always BASED IN REALITY...
They teach you HOW to train your dog to learn “X, Y, Z”
But they never tell you how to
get your dog to UNLEARN “A, B, C”
So it’s no big surprise, a lot of dogs are in need of better training.
And if you already tried training your dog  using another method, and he ‘FAILED’.....
It's NOT True!
The Method Has Failed Your Dog!
Most “Bad Behavior” Is A Result Of Doing Something 
You Don’t Even Realize Is Making The Problem Worse. 
And NOT doing something will EASILY solve it. 
So many times, DOG TRAINING “MYTHS” are big reasons why owners FAIL to train their dogs effectively.
The “Come” command is a great example: you’re late for work, and you call your dog to come in the house. And... he doesn't listen.
Maybe this is the point where you start using bribes. Or resort to tricking him to come to you.
Or anger.
Unfortunately, all too often, it may work once or twice, but not much longer than that.
Because those tactics don’t really fix the problem.
You need to have him “UNLEARN” the old way of doing things, and RELEARN a better way.
Learn To Teach Your Dog What You WANT Him To Learn
And UNLEARN What You Want Him To Forget… 
Limited time is a big reason dog owners tell me they
can’t have a well-behaved dog…
… but the truth is, YOU DON’T NEED ANY EXTRA TIME!
ANY interaction like petting, playing, or walking him is TRAINING him.
So…you’ve been training him ALL ALONG.
(Just not in a way that’s working)
You’ve Accidentally “taught” him to:
 Ignore you
 Jump on people
 Pee in the house
 Grab anything & everything
 NOT come when you call him
But It’s OK! It’s not your fault!
I can show you how to RETRAIN him to do everything you want him to do.
I give my students EVERYTHING
 to ENSURE they’re successful!
The result will be a happier, more relaxed, more confident, and better behaved dog. 

And YOU will be more relaxed, too! 
If I could just teach these five things to dogs around the world…
They would be able to unlearn the bad habits, and relearn things in a different, BETTER way.
And they would act like the dog you WANTED when you
decided to bring a dog into your LIFE!
You’ll gain the practical skills you need
to have in order to:
  • Create better habits
  • Teach your dog what you WANT him to do
  • Teach Tricks to make learning happen FASTER
  •  Know which command words work, and which make it worse
Eliminating Your Dog’s Bad Habits
Makes Him More Fun To Be Around!
Dog Training Secrets
A course for misunderstood dogs and their owners.
You'll Learn:
 The art & science of how to “UNLEARN” even his *worst* habits
 How To Teach "Come" when you call him (every time)
 How to STOP teaching him to do the OPPOSITE of what you want
 How to prevent him from using YOUR house as HIS bathroom
 How to transform him into a happy, confident, RELAXED companion that you can take anywhere, without worry
In “Dog Training Secrets”, I’ll show you the secret to having a
dog who LOVES to come when you call him.
No Matter What.
And how to eliminate the unwanted behaviors:
  • Peeing and pooping in the house
  • Grabbing things off the floor
  •  Mouthing and biting
  • Like jumping on people coming in the house
  • Not coming when called
Using The “Training Time” You Already Have…
You Will Teach Your Dog To WANT To Do What You’re Asking
 So if you want your dog to SIT instead of JUMPING on everyone, and WAIT when he sees something drop on the floor instead of grabbing it, you can easily do that.
Improve Your Dog’s Behavior...
With Training That Creates A Dog 
Everyone Loves To Have Around!
Avoid Accidentally Teaching Your Dog That 
Understand How NOT To Teach Your Dog
The OPPOSITE Of What You Want Them To Do!
In my Dog Training Secrets program,
I’ll be showing you how to...
 Prevent Housebreaking Accidents in Puppies AND Adult Dogs
 End Jumping Up On People For Good  
 How To Teach Your Dog To FINALLY Come When Called
 How to prevent him from using YOUR house as HIS bathroom
 How to transform him into a happy, confident, RELAXED companion that you can take anywhere, without worry
Filmed Using REAL DOGS,
To Overcome REAL Behavior Challenges
It’s Just Like You Were Taking A Class With Me!
These are the same techniques my students learn  in my school every day.
And I’ve proven over the past 32 years that my methodology can benefit absolutely ANY dog, of any breed, of any age making them happier, more confident, and more OBEDIENT in any situation.
It’s important to know these techniques work on ALL dogs.
 I Wouldn’t Have A Thriving  Dog School If I Could Only Help A Certain Breed Or Personality Of Dog.
The Program Comes With Everything You See Below
You will learn how to teach your dog to:
Become Housebroken (And Stay That Way!)
Train your puppy or dog quickly to go to the bathroom OUTSIDE and to STOP having accidents at home and when you’re visiting friends and family.  
Come When Called
Train your puppy or dog to COME the first time you call him, every time you call him. No matter what! 
Stop Biting And Mouthing (At Any Age)
Teach your dog to keep his mouth to himself! Stop the mouthing and biting on you, your clothes, and your friends/family.  
Have Impulse Control (Stealing things!)
Change your puppy or dog’s “Gimme gimme” attitude to “Please may I?” This life-saving lesson will stop them from stealing things off the floor and prevent them from eating anything you don't want them to.
Put A Stop To Jumping - once and for all!
Eliminate all the endless jumping up on you, your friends, and family. He can be excited to see you without tackling you like a linebacker!
Plus… by popular demand… “Dog Training Secrets”
also comes with a complete set of PDF cheat sheets.  
You can easily save these on your portable device, or print them!

Each one includes a summary of individual video lessons with action steps clearly outlined, so you can focus on the training - NOT trying to remember what comes next!
It’s a total package value of $92. 
Yours today for a generous 60% SAVINGS.
For Only $37
Limited Time Bonuses!
 “What’s In My Training Bag” E-Book ($26.00 value)
Eliminate all the endless jumping up on you, your friends, and family. He can be excited to see you without tackling you like a linebacker!
 Secrets To Traveling With Your Dog E-Book ($30.00 value)
Find out how to make travelling with your dog easier, SAFER, and less stressful for him AND you. One of these tips will definitely save your life and the life of your dog!
 Emergency Information Sheet ($25.00 value)
Filling out this ONE form will help your dog in case of an emergency while on the road. My students who are police officers say they wish EVERYONE had this in their glove compartment!
 Housebreaking Tracking Chart ($16.00 value)
Did he “go"? What did he do? When did he do it? This chart is INDISPENSABLE for puppies AND dogs. You’ll housebreak your puppy faster and easier. And if you have an adult dog, this will allow your dog sitter/walker to track when he SHOULD be “going”, and help them notice an new pattern, that may require a visit to your veterinarian.
A $97 Value, Yours FREE!
( These invaluable bonuses are ONLY available to students at my NJ school, and in my online course. )
Comes With A 100% Money Back Guarantee
So here’s my promise to you:
I’m so confident “Dog Training Secrets” is going to make a significant difference in your dog’s life, transforming him into a happier, more relaxed, more confident companion in as little as 2 weeks.
… If you don’t experience these results … even if it’s because you NEVER WATCH the videos and NEVER APPLY the lessons … which is the only reason I can envision it not working for you
I will give you a no-questions-asked refund of your monies invested.
Just ask.
Because my 30+ year reputation as a nationally recognized dog trainer by top names in media like:
As well as tens of thousands of dog owners, has been established by delivering results to dog owners like you, who go on to recommend my programs to their friends and family.
So I confidently offer this generous guarantee, allowing you to try it RISK FREE for the next 60 days, knowing less than 2% of my customers ever request a refund.
Now It’s Time To Decide!
Try It RISK FREE For The Next 60 Days.
Remember, your total investment in
Dog Training Secrets” is just $92 $37:
A generous 60% SAVINGS off the regular, $189 it'll be in the near future.
“What’s In My Training Bag”
Secrets To Traveling With Your Dog E-Book
Emergency Information Sheet
Housebreaking Tracking Chart 
An additional $97 - yours FREE!
And even though you're getting a total package valued at $189 for just $37 … I’m still willing to let you have it all RISK FREE for the next 60 days, with my generous 100% money back guarantee.
You must get the results I’ve promised, or I’ll happily refund your investment without question.
“Dog Training Secrets” is the EXCLUSIVE video training program of my IN PERSON dog training classes.

I created this to be able to help dog owners just like you transform their dogs into happier, more confident, and more relaxed companions. 
It’s guaranteed to benefit ANY puppy or dog.
So I hope you’ll consider making the investment and giving it a try today.
Try it RISK FREE for 60 days for $37
Comes with 100% money back guarantee.
About the Creator
My name is Kathy Santo and I have spent my entire career as a dog trainer and handler, training dogs and winning over 500 obedience, agility and Canine Good Citizenship titles. Working with my own dogs, I have achieved every competitive obedience title the American Kennel Club (AKC) has offered and earned the prestigious AKC “Obedience Trial Champion” title (OTCh) multiple times.
 In Ramsey, New Jersey in the United States, I teach classes, private lessons, and oversee the training of my student’s dogs using my extensive knowledge, experience, and intuition to handle problems from the benign to the serious.

Personal Life
I have been married to my husband, Eric, for 32 years. We met while marching in the Garfield Cadets drum and bugle corps in Garfield, NJ and have been together ever since. I have two children, and 3 dogs!
Certifications: IACP CDT, CDTA, PDTI
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